Transitions to arbitrary scenario steps | Jump Slot

Function and general information

Jump Slot is a slot which enables transfer to another slot of the Script. Once the Bot goes to the Jump Slot, it is transferred to another slot of the Script.

Creating and configuring the Slot

Slot’s properties

  • NAME is a slot’s name which will be depicted in the Script Tree. The maximum length of the field is 40 characters.
  • DESTINATIONS is a menu with the slot selection for the Agent transition. You can find a slot in the list by its Slot ID or by the name of the slot. If you select the Savepoint option in the DESTINATIONS field, as the result of the Jump Slot operation, the Agent will be transferred in accordance with the savepoint indicator.

Slot operation

When the Agent goes through the Jump slot, the Script is transferred to the slot specified in the DESTINATIONS field of the Jump slot. After the transition, the Agent follows the corresponding Script branch.

Important: You can not delete a Script Branch that has a slot that is specified in the DESTINATIONS field of one of the Jump slots of the Script. If you try to delete such a Script Branch, you will see the following warning with the Slot ID of the Jump slot that refers to this branch in the Script.

If the Jump slot which refers to the Script Branch you are deleting is a part of the same Script Branch, that part of the branch can be deleted.