Creation of Slots and Subslots and their types

This article lists all currently existing Slots and describes their creation.

Slot — a visual element of the Dialogue Script in the Bot Builder that defines the Bot’s action.

Types of Slots

Each Slot and Subslot performs the action specified in the Slot’s name. Slots form the Dialog Scenario which develops from left to right, from one Slot to another.
Now, the following types of Slots are available:

NLURecognition of User’s intent
Button menuButton menu display
Change Chat ModeRedirection of the dialog to the Operator
Slot FillingThe User is asked a number of consecutive questions, and the answers are saved in the context
Regular ExpressionUse of regular expressions
TextText message display
External RequestSending External requests
Incoming RequestReceiving Requests and initiation of the Scenario by the Bot
MemorySaving values
Transition RuleMoving to other slots provided that the predetermined conditions are met
JumpMoving to another Slot
TimerThe Scenario is launched after the specified time period provided that certain conditions are met
Wait for reactionWaiting for the User’s message
AttachmentSending files to the User

Slots are divided into two groups: independent and complex ones in accordance with their self-dependence. Complex Slots are formed by one parent and several child Slots (Subslots). Complex Slots provide for splitting the Agent’s Scenario into two or more Branches depending on whether certain conditions are met.

Independent SlotsComplex Slots
StartNLU + intent + fallback
Incoming RequestButton Menu + button + fallback
TimerTransition Rule + condition
TextRegular Expression + result
External Request
Slot Filling
Change Chat Mode

Creating a slot

  1. Choose the Script Tree’s branch in which a new Slot is required.
  2. Click + to add a new Slot. The button is available in all parts of the Script Tree where it is possible to add a Slot.
  3. Choose the necessary type of Slot from the drop-down list. The drop-down list contains only those Slots that can be used in this part of the Scenario according to the rules of Slots neighbouring.