Viber Chatbots Connectivity

Viber — messenger application that allows you to send messages, and make video and voice VoIP calls over the Internet.


  1. Viber Chatbots creation by Viber

First of all, need to configure it on the Viber side.

  • Register or log in to Viber.
  • Register or log in to the Viber Admin Panel.
  • The bot account creation form will automatically open. Fill in all required fields.
  • After filling in the fields, save the changes by clicking the Create button.
  • After creating an account for the bot, a pop-up window containing the bot token will appear. Copy the token.
  1. Agent channel configuration in the Chatbots Platform

Agent needs to create and configure Agent Channel with Viber connector.

  1. Enter the Edit menu of the Agent settings.
  • In the window that appears, go to the Channels tab to configure channels, then:
    • Select channel type Messaging
    • Click on the Add channel button
  • Integration with Viber occurs through the Connector with the name “Viber”, set in the Channel field.
  • If necessary, enter a title for this Agent Channel in the Title field.
  1. Title is an optional field.
  2. The limit on the length of the Title field is 40 characters. Once the limit is reached, characters will no longer be entered into the field.
  3. It is acceptable for the Title field values to match in different Agent Channels.
  • After selecting a channel, the Token field will become writable, into which you need to paste the previously copied token.
  • Activate the channel by switching the toggle switch so that the Agent starts responding to it after saving.

If the Agent has not been trained, a warning will appear. In this case, it is necessary to train the Agent, and then repeat the attempt to activate the Agent Channel.

  • After activation, if there are problems with its availability, a warning will be displayed (The channel will be activated despite the problems):
  • Can’t reach channel – displayed if the server does not respond to the specified URL
  • Couldn’t register agent webhook – displayed if it was not possible to register a webhook in the removed channel.
  • Save Agent’s Channel – click on Save button.

All settings will be applied only after saving.


  1. Mapping Channel Variables in Viber
Channel VariablesEnd ChannelVariable in the body of the incoming requestFeatures
channel_visitor_idVibersender.idUser’s Viber ID
channel_conversation_idVibersender.idUser’s Viber ID
  1. Opportunities to communicate in Viber
FunctionalEnd ChannelAvailabilityDescription
Messages will reach the interlocutor if the agent writes first in an existing chatViberYes
ButtonsViberYesThe button click comes as button label text
Transfer to the operatorViberNoViber does not have this functionality
Transferring files as files from the Agent (/_suBXn )ViberNo
Transferring files as links from the Agent (/_suBXn )ViberYes
Receiving a file from the Interlocutor into a scriptViberYesFormat:
type|type|file id|file link
Getting geolocation from the interlocutor in the scenarioViberYesFormat:
Delivery of messages over 1000 characters from Agent to InterlocutorViberYes
Get a link to the lead sourceViberNo
Using markdownViberNo
Mailings using NotificationViberNo