What types of content can be sent via Viber Business Messages?

Here are the available options and limitations.

Viber Business Messages can include a button and an image in addition to text. Not all button/text/image combinations are allowed.

Viber Business Messages CAN include:

  • image only
  • text only
  • text+image+button
  • text+button

Viber Business Messages CANNOT include:

  • text+image
  • image+button

Viber Business Messages DON’T support:

  • PDF
  • GIFs
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Other attachments

Character limits:

  • Text: 1000 symbols/UTF-8 characters
  • Button inscription – 30 characters
  • Viber service name – max. of 30-35 symbols


Viber supports the following image formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG. It is recommended to use 400×400 images in JPG format for the best quality.


Brand logos are displayed in the left upper corner of the screen when the user scrolls through messages. Business account logo formats available:

  • 50×50, PNG
  • 60×60, PNG
  • 100×100, PNG
  • 130×130, PNG
  • 360×280, PNG