Is it possible to choose additional channels?

With GMS’ comprehensive messaging platform, Hyber, customer can easily send Push notifications direct to a user’s screen with further fallback into OTT Messenger or SMS channel.

Customer is able to choose whether Push notifications channel only, as well as other combination of channels in any sequence.

Push notifications don’t get caught in spam filters or forgotten in an inbox — clickthrough rates can be twice as high as email. They can also remind users to use an app, whether the app is open or not. They can also be used to drive actions, such as:

  • Order delivery confirmation
  • Check bank account balance
  • Bank transaction confirmation
  • Informative messaging on changing company policy, rules
  • Ticket booking confirmation
  • Access password to any account
  • Promotion of marketing campaigns
  • Promo and special offers announcement
  • Information about loyalty programs
  • Discount programs