What are the requirements for Viber Business Messages?

There are 3 main requirements:

  • Rakuten Viber only allows brands to send information to opted-in users (users that provided prior consent to the receipt of such information) to prevent spam and such information shall not breach any applicable laws or Rakuten Viber policies. Messages should only be sent to the users that have agreed to receive your campaigns.
  • First message
    The very first message, sent to a new user must be a welcoming one. Example: ‘Dear user, your favorite brand welcomes you in Viber! Have a great day!’
  • Signing the Warranty Letter (WL)
    Warranty Letter is an obligatory document that should be signed when setting up a Viber Business Account. By signing the WL, the brand accepts Rakuten Viber’s terms and conditions and agrees with fines that can be applied if Rakuten Viber’s policies are violated.