WhatsApp User replies

Example of WhatsApp User reply:

  "channel": "whatsapp",
  "phone": "380110000000",
  "time": "2019-11-26T08:13:39Z",
  "umid": "91dbb1a6-2410-ea11-8153-022a22cc1c71",

User replies can be in the following combinations:

  1. “text_from_subscriber”
  2. “image_url”
  3. “video_url”
  4. “audio_url”
  5. “doc_url”+ “text_from_subscriber”
  6. “location”

A description of the report parameters is provided in the Description Of The Request Parameters section.

The links storage time of images, audios, videos, files, which were sent by Users, is 1 day.